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The Difference Between Lead-acid Battery and Lithium Battery for Electric Wheelchair

Jun 22 , 2021

There are many brands of electric wheelchairs. There are mainly two types of electric wheelchair batteries: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. What is the difference between these two batteries?

1. Lithium batteries are more durable than lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries generally can be fully charged and discharged about 400 times, have memory, and have a lifespan of about two years. At present, most of the lead-acid batteries are maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. As the number of uses increases, the batteries will gradually lose water, resulting in poorer power storage capacity. Lithium battery has strong durability, slow consumption, can charge and discharge more than 500 times, and has no memory, with a service life about 3-5 years.

2. The difference between lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries for electric wheelchairs

Electric wheelchair lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are different in size and weight: the general lead-acid battery pack weighs 16-30 kilograms and is relatively large; lithium batteries are generally 2-6 kilograms, and the volume is relatively small, so it is convenient to ride and easy to carry; The price and warranty period of lead-acid batteries for electric wheelchairs and lithium batteries are different: each group of lead-acid batteries for electric wheelchairs is 24V, the battery capacity is different, the weight and the price are different, the warranty period is 1 year; the price of lithium batteries is relatively high, but the warranty period is general 1-2 years; the battery life of the lead-acid battery of the electric wheelchair is different from the lithium battery: the lead-acid battery electric wheelchair of the same capacity is not as good as the lithium battery electric wheelchair. Due to the light weight of the lithium battery, the vehicle has a smaller weight and saves electricity, which also has a longer endurance mileage.