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Several Things Needs to Be Paid Attention to when Charging Lithium Battery for Electric Car

Dec 01 , 2021

There are many parts of an electric vehicle. Among these components, one is particularly important, that is, the lithium battery for electric car. This component is the power source of the entire vehicle. Without it, electric vehicles can not work normally. If there is any problem, it will greatly affect the normal use of electric vehicles. Therefore, there are several precautions for lithium battery for electric car in the daily use of electric vehicles. We will pick a few more important and common ones to explain one by one in the following part.

Ⅰ. Some common misunderstandings in lithium battery for electric car charging

1. There are many misunderstandings about lithium battery for electric car charging, and they spread widely. For example, one is that the new car should be deeply charged before it is used for the first time, which means, the charging time is longer than the normal time, but this is unnecessary.

2. In fact, the most important purpose of the so-called deep charging is to prevent the battery from being inert and activate the electrical batteries, but in fact, these tasks do not need ordinary users to complete. Electric vehicles are ready when they are tested at the factory. Even if we do not conduct deep charging, the electrical batteries have a certain inertia, but when we charge several times, we can achieve the same effect. If the time of one-time charging is too long, it will bring adverse effects to the lithium battery for electric car.

Ⅱ. Keep the battery active when charging the lithium battery for electric car

1. The interior of lithium battery for electric car is composed of electrolyte. If it is not used for a long time, it will cause the deposition of electric ions, resulting in the loss of battery activity and reduced performance. Therefore, attention should be paid to maintaining the activity of lithium battery for electric car in the process of daily use. If you don't often use electric vehicles, you should charge the battery every other period of time. You can charge the battery every half a month or about  20 days, and the charging time doesn't have to be too long. The purpose is to prevent inertia caused by electrodeposition.

2. Then the lithium battery for electric car should maintain a certain amount of power. Many people like to use up the power of the battery every time to charge. In fact, this practice is equivalent to deep discharge of the battery. It's no problem to do it twice at a time, but if you often do so, it will seriously disturb the electrolyte concentration in the battery and reduce the service life of lithium battery for electric car. The battery should maintain a certain amount of power to keep its internal in a relatively stable state, so as to give full play to its maximum performance.

3. Do not mix charging equipment for lithium battery for electric car charging.

The original charger of each battery has been specially matched and adjusted. Even if the charger of the same model has the same voltage and current, the original charger is better than the non-original charger. If the original charger cannot be found, you need to find the charger of the same model, because the charging of each battery has corresponding technical standards.

The above are some precautions about the lithium battery for electric car that we should pay attention to when using electric vehicles. If you want to keep your battery longer and give better performance, you should use the battery according to these points, so as to make the best use of the convenience of electric vehicles.