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12.8V-6Ah-8Ah UPS Battery

12.8V-6Ah-8Ah UPS Battery

Features of 12.8V-6Ah-8Ah UPS Battery

The ACE Encore series Li-ion UPS batteries are developed for rack mounted. This series integrates ACE high-energydensity and high-rate cells with dedicated battery management system (BMS) to provide system reliability and improved performance. This series is designed as a perfect match for power backup of data centers and offices, especially under high-rate discharge circumstances.

Data of 12.8V-6Ah-8Ah UPS Battery

Key Parameters Item12.8V 6AH12.8V 8AH
Cell MaterialLFP26650LFP26650
Cell Specifications3.2V/3Ah (4S2P)3.2V/4Ah (4S2P)
Normal Voltage [V]12.812.8
Max. Constant Discharge Current [A]4524
Max. Discharge Current [A]7575
Max. Charge Current [A]68
Rated Capacity [Ah]
    (25°C, 1C)
Max. Number of Packs (In Series)44
Weight [kg]1.11.2
Max. Number of Packs (In Parallel)10
Dimensions [W*D*H, mm]151*65*93
Operating Temperature [°C]Discharge: -20 to +60
Charge: 0 to 45
Storage Temperature [°C]0 to 40
Voltage Range [V]10 to 14.4
Float Charge Voltage [V]13.8
CertificationUL1642, UL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3, FCC, EMC, ROHS, ICES-003

Battery Performance Curve

Battery Performance Curve

Battery Performance Curve

Battery Performance Curve


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