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Moved to a new office! ACE keeps growing!

Oct 20 , 2022

After months of preparation and hard work, on October 20, 2022, we moved to our new office located in Hanking Center, Shenzhen, China.

One of the biggest decision-making factors in moving is our ever-growing team. Since we moved, we've added a few more people to our team and we're still growing.

So, what's new? let's start.

First, the main office space:


Next, our meeting room:


See our common area, welcome to employees and guests



As we mentioned above, our office is quite bigger, so we still have space to welcome new colleagues to our team!


We consider our new office as the beginning of another chapter in our history. Thank you for being with us throughout the growth process!


New location: Room 2903, Hanking Financial Center, No.9968 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China