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Maintenance of Golf Cart Batteries

Oct 11 , 2021

The commonly used batteries in golf carts are generally lead acid batteries, but the lead acid batteries is often with the following problems and the service life is generally about 1 year.

1. Timely check on golf cart batteries

Batteries need to be inspected regularly. During use period, if the continued mileage of the electric golf cart suddenly drops more than ten kilometers in a short period of time, it is very likely that at least one battery in the battery pack encounters short-circuit phenomena such as broken grids, softened plates, or the active material falling off of the board.

At this time, inspection repairing or assembly of professional battery repair organization shall be done on the golf cart batteries in time. The high-energy environmentally friendly battery is taken a special formula alloy plate.

The cover plate and the safety valve are made of high-quality ABS materials, and the pole sealing glue is epoxy resin, both of which are flame-retardant. Therefore, high-energy environmentally friendly batteries would not encounter the short-circuit phenomena such as broken grids, softening of the plates, and loss of active materials on the plates.

2. The correct storage of golf cart batteries

Do not store at a loss of electricity. The state of loss of electricity means that the battery of the electric golf cart is not charged in time after use, and it is prone to sulfation. Lead sulfate crystals are attached to the electrode plate, blocking the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging, and make the capacity of the golf cart battery decline. The longer the idle time in the power-deficient state, the more serious the battery is damaged.

When the battery is not in use, it should charge once a month to ensure that the battery will not malfunction. The high-energy environmentally friendly battery is taken high-energy environmentally friendly electrolyte. Even if the golf cart battery is in a state of power loss, it will not sulphate and not pollute the environment with full discharge. In addition, when it is stored for 6 months, the battery can also still be used.

3. The golf cart battery power

Do not discharge with high current and try to avoid instantaneous high current discharge. High-current discharge can easily lead to the crystallization of lead sulfate, thereby damaging the physical properties of the battery plate.

The high-energy environmentally friendly battery can be discharged with a large current, can be fully discharged, and can use the capacity to the maximum.

Master the charging time. Generally, golf cart batteries charge at night and the average charging time is about 8 hours.

If it is shallow discharge (the mileage is short after charging), the golf cart battery will be full soon, and the battery will be overcharged if it continues to charge, which will cause the battery to lose water and heat, and reduce the battery life.

Therefore, it is optimization for the golf cart battery when the depth of discharge is 60%-70%. It can be converted into a riding mileage in actual use. The necessary charging is carried out according to the actual situation to avoid harmful charging, which is high-energy environmentally friendly.

4. Golf cart batteries

Prevent high temperature exposure. The golf carts should not be exposed to sunlight.

An over-temperature environment will increase the internal pressure of the battery and force the battery pressure limiting valve to open automatically. The direct consequence is to increase the battery's water loss.

Excessive loss of water in the golf cart battery will inevitably lead to a decrease in battery activity, accelerate the softening of the electrode plate, and cause fatal damage such as heat, bulging, and deformation of the shell during charging.

It is unnecessary for the high-energy environmentally friendly battery to add water, sulfuric acid and other substances. Its application areas with great temperature differences, high-energy environmentally friendly battery has the character that it can work to the wide temperature extent and can ensure the reliability of the battery in high and low temperature environments.