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Information About Anode Materials for Li-ion Lithium Battery

May 25 , 2021

1. Status of Li-ion lithium battery

With the gradual shortage of traditional petroleum energy, the use of new renewable energy and energy storage technology has become an inevitable development trend in the world. As an electrochemical storage method with great development potential, Li-ion lithium battery has become a hot spot of international research. Due to the increasing multifunctionality of many portable small appliances such as mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, the specifications, models and intrinsic performance of batteries are also developing diversely. In particular, the gradual heating of electric vehicles and energy storage batteries puts forward higher requirements for battery consistency and safety, high current, and long life.

2. Anode material of Li-ion lithium battery

The key to the successful application of Li-ion lithium battery lies in the negative electrode material that can reversibly insert and deintercalate lithium ions. The anode material is the main component of the Li-ion lithium battery, and the performance of the anode material directly affects the performance of the lithium ion battery. Graphite material is considered to be an ideal anode material for lithium batteries due to its advantages such as high stability, good conductivity, and wide sources. As a branch of the carbon industry, it also has a good foundation in the development of artificial graphite. With the continuous expansion of the application field of Li-ion lithium battery and the intensification of market competition, Li-ion lithium battery is gradually moving towards the quality of high capacity, high safety, and low price, which is inseparable from the use of graphite anode. In order to pursue higher energy density, many researchers are working to explore the reversible capacity of graphite and battery systems suitable for graphite materials.