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Recruitment Position Tybe Of Job Number Of Recruits Work Place Release Date
IT engineer Engineering 2 people Shenzhen 2019-06-11

Job Responsibilities :

1.Responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software, printer, copier, desktop and other office equipment and network environment;

2. Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the company's network system, information security and server operating system to ensure the high availability of the system;

3. Responsible for the installation, maintenance, adjustment and update of network server and network software;

4. Responsible for handling, maintaining and updating abnormal situations of the company's website, E-mail and other systems;

5.Responsible for network account management, resource allocation, data security and system security

6. Completed the coding of software system and modules;

7. Undertake development tasks according to project requirements and complete task objectives as planned.

Job Requirements :

1. Excellent knowledge of computer software and hardware, able to quickly judge software and hardware faults;

2. Have good service awareness and professional quality

3. Have basic knowledge of network, have certain understanding of related network equipment and integrated wiring;

4. Have awareness of information security and practical experience in the overall prevention and response measures of network system security.

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