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Effect of Temperature on Liion Battery

Aug 09 , 2021

1. li-ion lithium battery has obvious advantages compared with other types of batteries

Li-ion lithium battery has a longer service life, and it also has more charging cycles than other types of batteries.

Li-ion lithium battery works in a very simple and precise way. It consists of a special type of lithium electrode that contains lithium ions, which are used as electrons to transfer current in the battery.

2. The impact of high temperature on li-ion lithium battery

High temperatures can have a serious impact on these types of batteries, because they are wet batteries, so the electrodes used for such batteries must always be placed in a cool environment, otherwise it will cause problems.

The main problem caused by the hot climate is not only the electrodes are affected, but the electrolyte is also affected. If the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, it may cause damage to the li-ion lithium battery casing. Since the battery may explode, it is also very dangerous for people nearby.

3. The impact of low temperature on li-ion lithium battery

The low temperature is very conducive to the operation of the li-ion lithium battery at the optimal level, because the heat generated by the battery is well protected and the exchange is very fast, so they can have a very beneficial effect.

However, extremely low temperatures may also cause problems for liion batteries, because extremely low temperatures can cause the electrolyte to freeze and damage the battery. Without fluid movement, the electrons will not change position and charge, causing the battery to fail.