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Application and Development of Lithium Batteries

Jul 08 , 2021

1. Well performance! Lithium batteries are widely used!

Lithium battery is widely used in commercial applications for its good performance, high environmental adaptability and green environmental protection. The good performance of lithium battery is reflected in its high energy storage density, which is about 6 times of lead-acid battery, and its weight is only 1/6 of lead-acid battery, and the cycle life of the battery can reach more than 6 years. The high environmental adaptability of lithium battery is reflected on its high power carrying capacity, strong low temperature resistance and low self-discharge probability, which greatly expands the application range and application field of lithium battery. Its green environmental protection is reflected in the production and use of lithium battery, does not contain or produce any harmful metal elements and substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium.

2. Bright future! The application and development of lithium batteries

Now lithium batteries are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, power tools, electric vehicles, street lights, standby power, aviation lights, household appliances and other fields, can be said to be the largest application group. Lithium-ion batteries are mainly used in consumer goods, digital products, power products, medical care and security. From the development of lithium battery application market, more and more Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium battery) batteries and Ni-MH batteries will be replaced by lithium batteries; In the IT(information technology) field, notebook computers are developing rapidly, and the average annual replacement rate of mobile phones is no less than 15%. Steady growth in sales of digital products will drive the growth of lithium battery shipments. In addition to these portable lithium battery applications, lithium battery has also begun to enter the military industry, power tools, standby power and vehicle power sources, which show a broad prospect of the application of lithium battery.