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3D Printing Technology and Packaging Styles Used in Custom Lithium Batteries

Jun 16 , 2022

1. 3D printing technology used in custom lithium batteries

3D printing technology is used for lithium battery customization, which is not uncommon. As early as many years ago, 3D printing technology has been used to make porous electrodes for lithium batteries and even the batteries themselves.

Lithium batteries have the functions of long service life, high energy density, safety, etc., and lithium batteries are now being explored into the fields of military and aerospace.

As the demand for energy consumption increases, efforts are being made to find innovative ways to manufacture energy storage devices in order to reduce the pressure on our use of fossil fuels and the consumption of battery materials.

Using 3D printing technology, graphene raw materials can be printed, and the content of internal graphene can reach 20wt%, which has satisfactory electrical conductivity.

The completion of 3D printing technology in custom lithium battery greatly simplifies the manufacture of battery components, and is safer and more useful. Although the development of this technology is not perfect, judging from the current results, the future 3D printing technology will certainly be greatly demonstrated in the field of lithium batteries.

With the development of social economy and changes in national policies, the advantages of 3D printing skills in the lithium battery industry will become more obvious.

2. Different packaging styles of customized lithium batteries

Lithium battery customization is not only customization in its specifications, details, etc., but also the packaging shape needs our special attention. The packaging shape refers to the material and state of the outer packaging of the lithium battery. The main packaging shapes of the lithium battery on the market are square, cylindrical and soft pack.

The square and column shapes are encapsulated by solid metal material steel shell materials, while the outsourcing materials of soft bags are mainly aluminum-plastic film. Regarding the customized packaging shapes of lithium batteries, different packaging shapes have different advantages and disadvantages.

The square lithium battery, because it uses a solid steel metal material as the shell, has high hardness, and the guarantee of hardness means that it can be completely assured in terms of safety. The disadvantage is that the square lithium battery can be customized according to its own needs and the manufacturing process structure is simple, so there are many types in the market, and the process is difficult to be consistent.

Compared with the other two shapes, the cylindrical lithium battery has the most sophisticated technology, the lowest cost, and the high yield rate, which is suitable for the combination that meets the needs of various aspects. The disadvantage is that the weight is large, and the energy density of the lithium battery in the outsourced state is relatively low.

The soft-pack lithium battery has high flexibility in its shape, light weight and relatively large capacity because of the softness of its shell. The disadvantage is that the cost is higher, and the cost performance is not high for custom lithium batteries.

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